Has anyone of you thought about how tier 1 business such as Domino’s Pizza has been able to continue to operate during this pandemic and other businesses had to press pause? This very question triggers the thought about the Supply Chain Management System of the Organization.

“Supply Chain Management is the management of goods and services. This involves movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress inventory, and finished goods from the origin point to the consumption point.”

COVID-19 does not require any introduction as it’s now known worldwide. Here we are discussing the impact of this pandemic on Supply Chain Management. This pandemic has been an unprecedented shock. However, previous crises such as 9/11, SARS, and Global Financial Crisis in 2008–09 have provided at least some insight into how today’s hurdles may play out.

COVID-19 has disrupted almost every part of the supply chain. It is also forcing us to rethink existing supply chains. Companies and firms are trying to adjust to the “new normal” beyond this pandemic. This is hitting a lot of companies. The pandemic has exposed how vulnerable and inefficient the international supply chain management systems are.

In this article, our prime focus is on the “VISIBILITY” of supply chains across global teams. During the pandemics such as COVID-19, information accessibility out of workspace has become difficult. This issue has given rise to a greater need for mapping and digitization of current supply chain models to create better “VISIBILITY”. Unable to close track data flow has let to the shutdown of Industries and factories.


VISIBILITY plays a beneficial role among manufacturers, suppliers, and customers. The main objective of visibility is to enhance as well as intensify the supply chain by providing accurate real-time data to all parties involved. It plays a crucial role, especially during a pandemic. Pandemic has

Information sharing about products during carriage out of transit could be tracked from the manufacturer to their final destination or consumer is called Visibility in the supply chain.”

Why is VISIBILITY important?

It is extremely difficult to maintain any business blindly in this competitive world. Deficiency of visibility causes a lack of synchronization within performing teams. This occurs when the individuals of the team are unable to comprehend the process occurring in the supply chain network. However, This can be solved by enhancing transparency and visibility throughout the whole phase of the supply chain.

However, the companies are hesitant to implement the supply chain as they are comfortable with traditional practices (Pen and Paper Method). To note as well, the supply chain has a “dark underside” of fraud and theft. In such environments, the owners are resistant to implement visibility. They are not comfortable with revealing the operational cost information to their buyers or customers.

Proposed Solution for VISIBILITY

Blockchains can be implemented in Supply Chain Management systems to increase transparency and visibility. This is one of the more efficient and resilient ways to maintain supply chains. Unfortunately, it has failed to convince the companies yet and is still in the implementation phase in a few organizations. This method will help firms have precise control over the SC network. Blockchains also help them to have control over permissions to view only the desired part of the data. Also solves visibility problem. This will likely increase the revenue and profits of the companies.

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